Music Video Download – A popular Ghanaian song – Oseeye

This is one of the most popular classic Highlife music of Ghana recorded way back in the 1980’s. It literally Advices one to find a cause to celebrate. I only translated the music to best of my ability and Hope you Enjoy!!!

Song Title: Ose Ye
Artiste: Rex Gyamfi


1) Ghana Flag on sky background
2) weaving Kente on a wooden loom
3) mounted Ghana Flags in front of the Independence Arch situated at Independence Square, Accra
4) Ghana Gold Bars
5) Cocoa tree bearing two ripened Cocoa Pods
6) Freedom and Justice Monument situated in Accra

Followed by about 24 different mix of Yellow, White and Black background images bearing Translated lyrics (starting from 00min33s to 04min19s) and then

7) Artistic Shadow image of a couple at sunset.
8) Art illustration of Ananse daughters (The wise spider). Ashanti Folklore. Ref. [ Janice Skivington;
9) Old picture of 2 people on Bicycle along Takoradi road beach road. (Western region, Ghana)
10) Canoe infront of building at Abandze resort, Ghana
11) Adomi Bridge on the Volta lake (frontviEW)
12) Adomi Bridge on the river Volta (SideVieW), along the Akosombo Dam road
13) Slave Castle in Capecoast, Central region of Ghana
14) Another Slave castle
15) Elmina Slave Castle, central region
16) SkyviEW of Labadi in Accra
17) Skyview of National Theatre in Accra
18) The Accra Beach Hotel and Resort
19) The Ghana Temple situated in Accra
20) Accra Beach Hotel and Spa
21) Sunrise Scene with people at Bojo beach
22) Couple watching Sunrise at Lakeside
23) A Ghanaian model
24) Two Ghana Soccer Players waving the flag
25) Obama in Ghana
26) Kofi Annan on a Kente decorated Stool
27) Kwame Nkrumah in Kente Cloth, (first Ghana President and Pan-Africanist).


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