10 Everyday Items That Are Ridiculously Expensive! – Download

It’s always a treat to get a glimpse of how the other half lives. While some of us are struggling to afford our everyday essentials, others are trying to find ways to make them more expensive. Shellacking them with gold and diamonds seems to be a pretty good method of raising the price. But not only do you have to work hard to earn the money to afford them, some of them aren’t exactly things that you can pick up on your next trip to Target. To enjoy the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae, you’ll just have to take a little jaunt to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It may sound extreme, but it’s really the best way to enjoy freshly churned ice cream made of glacial ice. If you order a set of cookware from Fissler inlaid with gold and diamonds, they’ll deliver it while driving a Rolls Royce. If fancy kitchen gadgets are your forte, then you’ll love the $78,000 corkscrew made of aviation-grade titanium. It’ll have your $12 bottle of gas station wine open in no time. We all love wandering around Ikea with our Frakta tote bags, but if you thought the classic tote needed an expensive leather upgrade, then have we got the Balenciaga bag for you! We’ll also show you some everyday things simply covered in gold including Nike sneakers, DKNY perfume, an iPod Supreme Fire, and even a sushi roll. After a long day of spending money, you’ll want to kick back and relax in your $50,000 Sphrere Bed.


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