10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners – Download

top 10 best fidget spinners you need to try

When fidget spinners first came out, they were advertised as tools to help a person with boredom and deal with all of their nervous energy. They were godsends in the teaching world because numerous students responded well to the fidget spinners, and their students who struggled with focusing were able to do better in their studies. However, as different designs began to get released, fidget spinners started to get fancier. One could even say that they became a fad all of their own like Pokemon Go or leggings. Then, fidget spinners became more than just something to hold in your hand. Designers started to go nuts with creating their own fidget spinners, and one even created a crazy looking 9 gear fidget spinner! These spinners started to become collectible items, and some of the rarest spinners like the Pepyakka 1.0 is going for over $1,000 if someone is willing to open their wallets that wide.

While fidget spinners normally go for about $5-$10, we’re going to show you the ten most expensive fidget spinners on the market right now. They could be pricey because of the materials they’re made with, or because they’re discontinued or custom made, meaning that they’re really rare. For example, the Steel Flame Ring Spinner is considered to be one of the finest works of art in spinning today that already cost several hundred dollars. Because it’s no longer made, it is now considered to be even more valuable. Many spinners have a short manufacturing lifespan, making previous models extremely valuable!


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