12 Main Differences Between Men and Women – Download

Many people say that men and women are from different planets. We are not really sure that it’s about planets, but most likely about physiology and some other things. Women are different from men in many aspects and some of these differences are even advantages.

– Men and women get dressed in a different sequence 0:35
– Women are less inclined to take risks 0:57
– Men have a better sense of direction 1:38
– Women are better at multitasking 2:25
– Women see a wider range of colors than men 3:24
– Women have a better sense of smell 4:37
– Men handle sleep deprivation better than women 5:18
– Alcohol and women are a heck of a mixture 5:44
– Some women have to put a lot of effort into going down the stairs 6:22
– Men and women shake hands differently 7:01
– Men and women look in the mirror for different reasons 7:27
– The female body changes more often 8:10

-Most women get dressed from top to bottom, while men usually go the other way.
-Women have a tendency to be more worried about others, men are more willing to throw caution to the wind.
-Males do better at tasks requiring spatial awareness, like finding the way.
-Women are better at multitasking than men, especially in stressful situations.
-Women can differentiate more colors on the spectrum than their male counterparts due to their genes.
-Female genes also make women more sensitive to smells.
-Men can adequately perform daily tasks even if they didn’t get enough sleep, while it makes women feel more tired and less enthusiastic.
-The female body doesn’t cope with alcohol as well as the male body does.
-It’s hard enough walking in high heels, let alone going down some stairs in them.
-When some women shake hands, they just offer their hand but don’t move it. Men do it firmly and actually shake their hands.
-Women they tend to notice the negative stuff even in the most perfect look, while men check out their reflection to admire their favorite body parts.
-The female body goes through so many more changes during a woman’s life than the male body does during a man’s life.

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