7 Parenting Tips to Deal With a Naughty Child – Download

Every child is different, and you need to find a unique approach to raising your beloved baby, but there are some golden rules that will help you deal with even the most disobedient ones. Parenting experts explain how you can get your kids to behave better and to do what they’re told in all kinds of situations.
When your kid starts misbehaving and refuses to cross the road, either switch roles with them or give your kid a choice. Either they hold your hand or go in the stroller. In most cases, your kid will readily take your hand. What should you do if your child has misbehaved but isn’t ready to face the music? Please keep in mind that emotional abuse is never the right way out. So instead of making your child stand in the corner for a long time, open up a dialogue and figure out together how their mistake can be fixed.
In case your little isn’t excited about the morning meal, try “breakfast on a stick”. You just need a few wooden skewers and pieces of waffle, different fruit chunks, and berries. Kids have fun stabbing their food with the sticks, and this turns any old boring fork-and-knife breakfast into a cool game.
It must be hard for kids to switch from a fun activity to a much less entertaining one. Turn it into a game called Follow the Leader. You can either lead yourself or let the child do it. In this case, they won’t even notice the transition from play time to some routine activity.
Long hours on the road are ten times more boring for kids than they are for adults. You can find tons of other fun car games on the Internet. They’ll definitely entertain your kids on a road trip while giving you some peace of mind as well.

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When they refuse to walk with their parents 0:51
When they won’t accept punishment for bad behavior 1:33
When they refuse to eat their meal but demand junk food 2:20
When they won’t eat their breakfast 2:58
When they refuse to get dressed 4:16
When they don’t want to stop playing in order to get ready for bed 5:30
When they’re misbehaving in the car 6:18
The main guidelines to follow to avoid conflicts 7:20

-To convince a child to keep walking, try switching roles with them. Let the child play the role of the parent, and you’ll see that they’ll immediately get into the game and do what you want them to.
-In case your child won’t accept punishment, calmly explain why they’re guilty and why they’re going to be punished. Let them have the right to choose even when they make mistakes: for example offer them to either have to pay a fine from their piggy bank or do the dishes for the next week.
-When your child refuses to eat their meal, don’t get frustrated, simply try to find compromises. Offer them dessert as a prize for cleaning up their plate.
-If your kid refuses to have breakfast, keep them company. To make it more fun, suggest they count how many spoonfuls of cereal are left. You can also make it a bedtime tradition to ask your kid what they want for breakfast the next day to avoid unpleasant surprises.
-If kids refuse to get dressed, try a challenging game: tell them you wanna see if they can put their clothes on blindfolded. You can also play the matching game: you choose a color, and the children need to find clothes that match.
-To make your kid stop playing and go to bed, try playing the game “Follow the Leader”. You’ll be the leader, and your little one must follow. Make it fun: walk in a weird way, make sudden jumps and hops that your child must repeat.
-To avoid misbehavior in the car, try playing the Fake Dreams game. Tell everybody in the car to close their eyes and make up a dream that they “see”.
-Address the issue of fairness when you want to encourage children to behave well. You simply need to explain to your kids why it would be better for them to play along, and they’ll understand this. When a situation makes sense for children, they’re ready to cooperate.

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