16 Secrets Behind Famous Logos and Brand Names – Download

The names and logos of famous brands have a secret meaning you’ve never heard of. Each company logo has a story behind it.
Many brand names seem meaningless to us but have an interesting explanation in the language of the country they come from. “Lego” means “play well” in Danish, “Fanta” comes from German “Fantasie”, Chupa Chups was named so after the Spanish verb “chupar”, which means “to suck”, “Samsung” is Korean for “3 stars”. “Pandora” has to do with a myth of the creation of the first human woman named Pandora.
As for the logos, some of them were inspired by real sights, such as the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany for Disney. Others have historical meaning, such as the red cross from the city of Milan’s emblem, and the bloodthirsty crowned viper of the House of Visconti in Alfa Romeo’s logo. The Chupa Chups symbol as we know it was designed by super famous artist Salvador Dali himself.

Disney 0:30
Lego 1:06
Pepsi 1:33
Fanta 2:13
Chupa Chups 2:40
Nintendo 3:26
Pandora 4:01
Häagen-Dazs 4:45
Cadillac 5:25
Durex 5:55
Levi’s 6:22
eBay 6:57
Samsung 7:26
Sega 8:04
Audi 8:40
Alfa Romeo 9:20

-The current Disney logo was inspired by the Cinderella Castle and created in 2006.
-“Lego” comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt”, which means “play well”.
-Look at Pepsi’s logo from a different angle and you will get a creepy message.
-Try to say “fantasy” in German to understand where the word “Fanta” comes from.
-You will be surprised to know Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo.
-The 3 Japanese characters “Nin-ten-do” mean “leave luck to heaven”.
-“Pandora” logo with a crown promises you excellent royal quality.
-If you were wondering what “Häagen-Dazs” means, you’ll be sad to find out it stands for nothing.
-Cadillac was named after French explorer Sieur de Cadillac, founder of Detroit.
-“Durex” stands for “durability, reliability, and excellence”.
-Pay close attention to “Levi’s” logo to see what body part it’s covering.
-“eBay” is the short for Echo Bay, not “Electronic Bay” as many people think.
-“Sam” in Korean means “3,” and “Sung” stands for “star”.
– You will be surprised to find out that SEGA stands for “Service Games of Japan.”
-“Horch” means “listen” in German, and “Audi” is the same thing in Latin.
-The Alfa Romeo logo has the city of Milan’s emblem and the symbol of the House of Visconti in it.

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