The 15 Main Rules of Modern Etiquette – Download

There are several nuances which only a small number of people seem to know. Bright Side collected 15 rules which can make your life (and those of others’) more pleasant.
Being well-versed in the basics is good and all, but there are lots of nuances that only a small number of people seem to know.

Never visit without calling first 0:22
Never leave an umbrella open to dry 1:19
Never put a handbag on your lap or your chair 1:55
Wear pants and a sweater at home 2:24
If a child lives in their own room, knock before entering 2:50
Ladies can wear their hat and gloves indoors 3:13
Don’t wear more than 13 accessories 3:52
Inviting someone to a restaurant means you pay 4:33
Don’t inconvenience people on an elevator 5:04
The most prestigious seat in a car is behind the driver 5:49
Face the people already sitting while going to your seat 6:25
Taboos for small talk: politics, religion, health, and money 7:19
Informality between strangers is forbidden 7:53
Discussing those who are absent is unacceptable 8:29
It’s better to keep nine things secret 8:50

– Don’t ask for the Wi-Fi password.
– Take off your shoes before stepping on the hosts’ lovely carpet.
– Don’t explore bedrooms without permission.
– Don’t raid the host’s fridge or help yourself to food without being offered.
– Don’t bring your pet without asking first. I’m sure your chihuahua is the cutest thing ever, but somebody in the house may have a pet allergy.
– It’s considered good manners to bring a gift if you’re invited to a party.
– Your open umbrella takes up a lot of space and could inconvenience other people. You should just close it and put it on an umbrella stand or a hook.
– A handbag or purse should be hung on the back of a chair or put on the floor if there isn’t one.
– A robe and sleepwear are meant only for going to the bathroom in the morning and from the bathroom to the bedroom in the evening.
– As soon as your kids are in elementary school, ask permission before entering their room. This way, your children will do the same when coming into your bedroom.
– Women may leave their fashion hats on at weddings, lunches, or garden parties. They don’t have to take their decorative hat off at religious services or at the movies either.
– If a woman invites a business partner to a restaurant, she pays. If someone says, “Let’s go out to eat!” and everybody agrees, that means everyone pays for themselves.
– In a packed elevator, the people standing nearest to the doors are supposed to step outside at all the stops in order to let people exit.
– Wherever a woman decides to sit, the man should open her door for her and help her get out of the car.
– The rules of etiquette have decided that it’s worse to put your rear end in their face, so go to your seat while facing the other people sitting.

What other etiquette rules do you follow? Tell us in the comments below.

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