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Many of the long-lived medical beliefs are actually wrong. There are 20 health tips that are worth following and which are better left in the past. Do you still believe that humans have five senses and using a microwave can give you cancer? In that case, you will be surprised to see those and other health myths exploded. After watching this video, you will have a great excuse to eat at night.

Pregnancy lasts 9 months 0:36
If you are overweight, you are unhealthy 0:58
Organic food is free of pesticides 1:41
Honey is a natural sugar, and it’s better than processed sugar 2:29
You can catch a cold because of cold weather 3:12
Chicken broth is the best cure for everything 3:40
Eating carrots can give you excellent night vision 4:08
You use only 10% of your brain 4:53
Using microwaves can give you cancer 5:34
Yogurt can improve digestion 6:10
Eating at night will make you fat 6:53
Milk is good for you 7:39
Humans have five senses 8:20
Chocolate can give you acne 8:59
Blind people can’t see anything 9:28
You should always stretch before you begin exercising 9:56
Too much salt is unhealthy 10:34
Your tongue is divided into four parts 11:15
If you crack your knuckles, you will get arthritis 12:05
Only a direct blow to the head can cause a concussion 12:39

– Each pregnancy is different. It turns out that only 5% of babies arrive on their supposed due date.
– The death rate of an overweight person who exercises regularly is half of the death rate of a person who falls into the standard weight category.
– There is a list of more than 20 chemicals that have been approved to be put in organic food production by US Organic Standards.
It must also be kept in mind that despite regulations, even organic food is susceptible to chemical flow from fields or nearby factories.
– There are 64 calories in one tablespoon of honey and 49 calories per tablespoon of sugar.
– More people catch a cold in the winter as we spend more time indoors which is good for viruses because they can spread easier.
– In fact, chicken broth makes you feel warm on the inside working as a placebo. It doesn’t actually cure anything.
– The presence of vitamin A in carrots can help improve your eyesight, but it’s merely a myth that it can help you obtain night vision.
– Several scientists and experiments have proven that almost the entire brain is active during a person’s lifespan. The brain’s different parts are all responsible for our body’s performance, and 10% of the brain could not handle the functioning of your entire body.
– Microwaves do not cause cancer, and this has been confirmed by some of the top researchers. If we look at the heating method of microwaves, we’ll see that they produce radiation that heats up the water molecules present in the food, thus making it warm.
– The probiotics have slowly entered our systems, and they’re ruling it. These probiotics are said to be the “good kind of bacteria” which helps regulate our gut. However, when your body is already full of different kinds of bacteria, how can it be determined that it’s the bacteria coming from yogurt that is helping?
– What and how much you eat and how much you exercise throughout the day and not the time of day when you eat that matters when it comes to weight gain and loss.
– There is no association of milk intake with healthy bones and the prevention of calcium and Vitamin D deficiency.
– Anyone who has seen The Sixth Sense is convinced that humans have only five senses. It turns out that we possess more than 20 extra senses.
– Chocolate fans will love this. No, chocolate doesn’t cause acne. Too much oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells do.
– Most of the blind people sometimes actually miss being able to see darkness. It’s incorrect to believe that blind people cannot see anything at all.
– Stretching before a workout may make you less efficient. As per Italian researchers, overstretching before running or cycling may reduce your efficiency by as much as 5%.
– There are some health conditions requiring you to increase your salt intake. Low salt levels can lead to the probability of diabetes, increased fat storage.
– There are five tastes instead of 4. The fifth taste is umami, which is like the taste of glutamate.

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