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10 security life hacks to protect your home against thieves. Here are the most common schemes burglars usually stick by.
Burglars don’t care who you are, they just want whatever precious stuff you have. According to the FBI’s yearly Uniform Crime Report, in 2016 the damage caused by burglaries in the USA alone reached an astounding 3½ billion dollars! What’s worse, burglars usually try to get rid of stolen loot as soon as possible, so the chances of getting your property back are slim to none: about 20%.
Bright Side is bringing you the most common schemes burglars usually stick by. Armed with this information, it’ll be easier for you to keep your property safe.

Burglars prefer easy targets 0:48
Burglars don’t like difficulties 2:36
Criminals look for vulnerable spots 3:02
Burglars love empty houses 3:26
Burglars survey the house before invading it 4:30
Criminals hunt for small objects 6:15
Criminals are social-media-savvy 7:24
Criminals use your own stuff to get inside the house 8:29
Burglars come up with different excuses to get in 9:32
“Distraction” burglaries are on the rise 10:26

– To burglarize a house, a thief can take anywhere from 90 seconds to 12 minutes.
– Criminals are ready to spend no more than 5 minutes on getting into a house or apartment.
– You should install locks and grating on all the entrances to your home, not just the big obvious ones.
– The highest number of apartment and house burglaries happen in July and August when most people are away on vacation.
– A really common tactic is visiting homes pretending to be public utility workers.
– Keep your money in the bank. Mark the most expensive objects with a UV marker.
– Burglars can use social media sites to decide whether or not your apartment is worth their time and effort.
– Put all your tools, ladders, and yard equipment in the garage, keep them in a shed, or just take them inside.
– Criminals may employ is coming up with some crazy or pitiful stories in order to get into your home.
– One criminal tries to occupy all your attention while his accomplice secretly gets into the house.

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