Magicians Using Marked Cards – Download

Most of us have heard of marked cards, but many of us have never seen a marked deck. In this illusion, this sleight-of-hand magician shows an audience of 700 people on New Years Eve how one might use a marked deck. On an exaggerated level, this deck is marked on the sides, as apposed to typical markings that might be on the backs of the cards.

In other performances, Nate goes on to explain that “in World War II, some branches of the military wrote messages on the sides of the deck (similar to in this video). They would then shuffle it up and send it through enemy lines. They would then put it in the pre-determined order when it arrives at the destination and de-code the message.” This incredible card trick is based on that principle.

Nate Jester is an award wining magical entertainer who travels the world entertaining audiences of all sizes with his mind-reading, magic, and comedy pickpocketing. Please contact Nate here for further information:

Ace of Illusions
P: 206.695.2194
Instagram: @seattlemagician


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