7 Quick Tests to Check If You’re Healthy Or Not – Download

Today, you have the chance to take a few simple but brilliant tests to evaluate your health. All of them take less than a minute, and they can help you check the condition your body is in. They are quick, easy, and fun!

Keep in mind that these tests are not in any way the basis for making a diagnosis as they can be indications of various other illnesses. However, if you did notice any of the above symptoms, you shouldn’t ignore them. See a doctor for a detailed examination straight away.

Test #1. Eyes 0:51
Test #2. Flexibility 1:50
Test #3. The heart 3:15
Test #4. Fingers 4:36
Test #5. The respiratory system 5:39
Test #6. Fluid retention 6:37
Test #7. The thyroid 7:29

– Close one eye, and take three to five steps back from your monitor. Now, take a look at the circle. Did any lines appear darker than others? If the answer is yes, then you should visit an optician because it’s likely you’ve developed astigmatism.
– Sit on the floor, stretch out your legs in front of you, try to touch your feet with the tips of your fingers. If you can do this with ease, then your body is in great shape. 
If it were difficult, then it would be a good idea to take up yoga, Pilates, or swimming in order to improve your body’s flexibility and prevent excessive weakening of your joints.
– For adults and children over ten, 60-100 beats a minute is considered normal. More or less may indicate problems with blood pressure.
– Pour some cold water into a glass, and dip your fingers in it for 30 seconds. If the tips of your fingers turn white or blue, then you have a problem with your blood circulation. A significant drop in temperature (or stress) can cause contractions of the blood vessels that supply blood to the fingers, toes, nose, and ears.
– Light a match and stretch the hand holding it out in front of you. Breathe in deeply through your nose and then out through your mouth, trying as you do so to blow out the flame. How many attempts does it take you to blow out the flame? 
– Press down on either the upper or underside of your foot with your thumb. If there is still an indentation on your foot several seconds after you’ve removed your thumb, then the chances are your body has an issue with fluid retention. 
– Close your eyes and stretch your arms out in front of you. Spread your fingers out to the sides. Ask someone to place a thin sheet of paper in your hands
If the piece of paper begins to tremble along with your fingers, it’s worth going to see an endocrinologist.

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