10 Fictional Famous People The World Actually Believed Existed! – Download

top 10 iconic people who aren’t actually real!

Looks can be deceiving, and there are many famous people who simply don’t exist. Whether they were the face of a brand, or used to positively promote a movie, the hoax was eventually exposed, much to the disappointment of their fan base.
What happens when big time entertainment and marketing executives have a hard time finding the perfect face for their product? There are millions of actors, models, and other forms of entertainers who are seeking their big break that will make them overnight celebrities. Achieving fame is hard enough as it is with so much competition out there in the entertainment and business industry. It can be extraordinarily hard to find some sort of stardom and your niche in this world that is your own. There may not be anything wrong with you necessarily, but you’re not what marketing executives and Hollywood are looking for. And if the industry can’t find what they need, then they will create someone of their own. How? Through artists and real people who come together to create a completely fictional celebrity. You can’t create a fake person overnight, as it takes careful planning and execution in order for the hoax to be believable.
In this video are several famous people who actually never existed. These people were used for advertising products for brands mainly, as well as create positive publicity from seemingly unaffiliated people along with created an alternate persona to create a buzz for an upcoming event. The music industry is notorious for creating fake people using synthesizers and computers. With so much fakery going on these days, it’s completely natural to want to question the existence of your own favorite celebrity. Some of the people on this list may surprise you, and it might be a bit of shock of just how deceptive the industry can really be with their made up people.


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