10 Most Mysterious Unsolved Disappearances Ever – Download

10 top creepy cases of people who disappeared without a trace

Civilization has come such a long way that today we like to think we know almost everything. While it is true that our knowledge and abilities are pretty extensive, especially compared to society 100 years ago or more, events happen every now and then to remind us that we aren’t all-knowing and all-powerful. There are answers we still don’t know, diseases we have trouble controlling and events that we often find ourselves unable to control. These challenges, questions and mysteries are what make us strive to improve ourselves and advance our knowledge and ability further – only to one day reach another set of hurdles which push us more.
Perhaps one of the greatest and most frustrating things we face on a regular basis is the disappearance of people. Sure, most of the time the person is found after an extensive search, but sometimes the missing individual is never found. These unsolved cases weigh heavily on our minds because most of us hate not knowing the answer to something so important. Where are the people who disappeared? What were the events leading up to their disappearance? Are they still alive? These questions make the following cases of unsolved human disappearances intriguing and frustrating at the same time. In almost all the following examples, the investigation is turning up little or has gone cold altogether. From movie stars in the 1950s to more recent disappearances involving hundreds of people at once, these unsolved cases don’t look any closer to being resolved any time soon.


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