Incredible Miracles That Science Cannot Explain – Download

These extraordinary events have left scientists baffled, and have given hope to religious believers.

We tend to view science as the end all be all when it comes to explaining the mysteries of life. But then again, there is nothing more unsettling than finding out that there is something that cannot be explained by scientists, leaving everyone to scratch their heads. The idea of something being unexplainable is rather terrifying, as it leads to ambiguity and mystery that leaves us vulnerable.
For example, the Our Lady of Akita was documented crying human tears in over 101 occurrences over a span of 6 years in Japan. Scientists tested the tears and discovered that they were human. So what does this mean? Does it mean that it’s the end of the world? Could it mean there’s another type of human hybrid in existence? But that’s not the first time a female religious figure terrified and intrigued us. In 1996, the Virgin Mary was seen in the window of an office building in Clearwater, Florida as a silhouette. Call it chance, the angle of the sun, but it is truly remarkable that such an image should appear. Then, we have the Shroud of Turin that was believed to have been used for Jesus’ body after he died. The marks and wounds on the shroud are consistent with a crucifixion. Scientists were able to make a 3D model of the face and body from the shroud, giving the world possibly the most accurate depiction of Jesus Christ.
Then we have the miraculous story of a young boy temporarily coming back to life after dying of pneumonia and asking for a glass of water. But this miracle didn’t last long as the boy once again passed out and died. But it gives hope that it is possible, with enough passion and prayer, to ask for one more chance at life. Also, we discover in this video a yogi who has lived for seventy years without food or water thanks to the aid of a goddess that he worships. Is this proof that there is such a thing as divine intervention? It is also true that there is such a thing as surviving as a fall that should have killed a person almost instantly, but thanks to a miracle, a 37-year old man by the name of Alcides was able to survive a fall of 47 stories after surgery and a 3 week coma. And finally, a flight attendant survived a 2600 foot fall from an airplane after it was shot down. How did she survive? Only a higher power knows.
Overall, these miracles should not have happened, but they did. Is this proof that there is a god? Is this proof that perhaps science isn’t the only answer to our existence, and perhaps, instead, we should just sit back and accept the fact that perhaps we will never have all the answers? Maybe. There are so many things in this world that scientists are still trying to work through, and maybe there will be answers in the next few decades. But until then, the faith of many will continue to strengthen as miracles continue to happen.


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