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Bird song & Birds including a Woodpecker towards the end of the video feeding on my *bird feeder tree*

Birds UK ~ British Bird Bee Butterfly wildlife videos at You Tube ~:-) ~ My bird website is at google * simbird *
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Description : birds bees butterflies & wildlife videoS & songs
British Animals Insects & wildlife using canon s5 sx1 + telephoto zoom lens or webcam
My * Birdcam * of wild birds in the garden with ~ sounds calls singing birdsong
Wild animals & Nature in video and song ~ simbirdcom

More vids photos info at * simbird * or by Simon Knott
Cameras used : Canon SX1 IS Powershot HD High Definition or Canon S5 IS HQ High Quality

Wyre Forest ~ Kidderminster Worcestershire England UK Europe World Planet Earth Universe 🙂

My bird site is at *simbird* ~ google!
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