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This song ” I AM AMERICA ” was written on the morning of September 11, 2001 by David A. Stiglitz a former US Marine. With only a radio available to him to receive the progress of the news that morning all that kept running through his mind is they want us to be scared. The words of this song continue to run through his head. He then recorded it. In late November on the news it was reported there could possibly be another terrorist attack this time in Washington DC, over the Christmas holiday. At this same time there was a report that a millionaire bought a mountain in Canada to move to because he was scared. Once again David felt that the terrorist wanted us to be scared. On December 2, 2001 he dicided to ride his horse, Montana from Madison, Wisconsin to Washington DC to show AMERICANS DON’T RUN SCARED! Along the way he gave out copies of the song he wrote and sang I AM AMERICA. David has also written many other patriotic songs one against the burning of the American flag; called These Colors Don’t Burn. One for the Marine Corp; called A Little Piece of Freedom. Another called; I Come From a Fine Line. A comedy hunting song called The Highly Classified Expedition of the Great Swamp Buck. Amongst many others relating to veterans, country, family and home and the honor of all.patriotic song video


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