Music Video Download – African Dance Songs for Kids & LYRICS – “Yebo”

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Authentic African themed rhythms from Parents’ Choice Award-Winning band, The Strawberry Traffic Jam, partnered with South African multi-instrumentalist and Paul Simon band member, Tony Cedras – along with backup singers from Broadway’s The Lion King.


Yebo! Yebo!
Yebo (yebo yebo)!

Down South Africa way,
When they want to say “Okay”
They say Yebo.
If it’s in the affirmative
The answer they give
Is Yebo.

In the streets and cafes,
At work or at play,
All night and all day,
You can hear the people say,
Yebo (yebo yebo)!

At the Cape of Good Hope
The opposite of “Nope”
Is Yebo (yebo yebo).
In the jungle or the bush,
The answer they push
Is Yebo (yebo yebo)!

When they’re feelin’ the rain
On the Serengeti Plain,
Or on the playgrounds at school,
The word they use for “Cool!”
Is Yebo (yebo yebo)!

So when the world asks you a question,
Let me make you a suggestion,
Say yebo.
Remember what I’ve said,
Just keep this one word in your head,
Think yebo!

And when everyone says “No!”
Just smile, get up and go!
There’s really just one choice
At the top of your voice!
Sing yebo (yebo yebo)!
Yebo (yebo yebo)!
Yebo (yebo yebo)!

So when life hands you lemons,
Don’t curse to the heavens,
Just say Yebo (yebo yebo)!
Even when your sky is gray,
Go the African way
And shout Yebo (yebo yebo)!
Yebo yebo!
Yebo yebo!
Yebo yebo!
Yebo yebo!
Yebo yebo!
Yebo yebo!

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