Richest Pets In The World | The Richest Dog in the World Urdu/Hindi


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Richest Pets In The World | The Richest Dog in the World Urdu/Hindi

4. Gunther The 4
And the richest pet on our list and in the world is none other than Gunther IV, who actually inherited his money from his father, Gunther III. Gunther III was the favorite pet of German Countess Karlotta Lieberstein, which is why she decided to make him $372 million richer after her death. His son, Gunther IV now lives like a king, feasting on expensive steaks and caviar on a general basis.

3. Tinker The Cat
Tinker’s story is a little complicated, but we’re quite sure that he never meant it to be this way. This lovely cat was the companion of Margaret Layne, who made sure that he would inherit a sum of $200,000 as well as a 3-bedroom house upon her death. To seal the deal, Margaret appointed someone in her will to take care of the cat and to keep the house open for 21 years or until Tinker passes away, after which he or she would inherit the place. Shortly after this story was released to the public, the cat received numerous death threats, which is why the representative opted to take it to a safe location, which is still undisclosed to this day. Nobody knows exactly whether Tinker is still alive or not.

2. Gigoo The Chicken
If you thought you would only see cats and dogs in our list, think again! The richest chicken on the planet is called Gigoo, and he is the proud beneficiary of a $10 million fortune. His former owner was none other than Miles Blackwell, who was obviously very fond of his favorite hen.

1. Conchita The Dog
When you can afford to buy your dog Tiffany’s necklaces and cashmere sweaters, it might be the universe’s way of telling you you have too much money. Regardless, deceased heiress and socialite Gail Posner left her Chihuahua Conchita a sizable fortune of $8.4 million—including a posh waterfront pad in Miami—for seemingly no other reason than because she could.

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