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The greatest magnates of our time. Owners of large companies and corporations, they have money that they will not spend in their entire lives. We present to you the millionaires who currently have the greatest fortune.

-Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Princeton University and when he realized that he had an opportunity on the internet.

-Michael Bloomberg
Surely you remember the emphatic speeches of this character, Michael Bloomberg, who is the co-founder of Bloomberg LP, a global financial services, media and software company that provides its customers with a computer system which in turn offers financial data in real time.

-Larry Page
Can you imagine a normal life without Google? It would be unbearable! One of its creators was Larry Page.

-Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook … Could you live without facebook? Mark Zuckerberg is the person who made this social network a reality since his bedroom at Harvard University in 2004.


-Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison founded Oracle Corporation and achieved success thanks to a database software that you could be using every day, perhaps you had never noticed.

-Amancio Ortega
Did you know that Amancio Ortega began in the textile world at the age of fourteen? Just as you heard it, while other people lived their lives as adolescent to the fullest, he was an employee in several clothing stores, observing and learning everything that would be useful for him for his great success in this market.

-Carlos Slim Helú
He’s the richest man of tequila country: Mexico! But Carlos Slim Helú didn’t make his fortune thanks to this drink, because he controls América Móvil, the largest mobile telecommunications company in Latin America.

-Bernard Arnault
Wise words from Bernard Arnault, the richest businessman in France and owner of the elegance and glamor of Moet Hennessy Luois Vuitton, the conglomerate of the most luxurious and recognized fashion brands in the world.

-Warren Buffett
Do you die for a refreshing Coca-Cola? I definitely do. At 88 years old, Warren Buffett has confessed that he consumes up to 5 cans a day…

-Bill Gates
This successful computer entrepreneur began trying to conquer the world in his favorite games such as Risk and Monopoly.

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