Hakainde Hichilema Networth + Forbes estimate (IS he The richest man in Zambia?)

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Hakainde hichilema the vision the man the plan is a documentary about him but this video isn’t, it’s about his hakainde hichilema’s wealth. In this video we cover the full extent of the richest man in zambia hakainde hichilema, hakainde hichilema is believed to be the second richest person in africa. Now according to all my sources i found that hh a zambian business man is top of the pile as the richest man in zambia so in this video we cover exactly how rich is he ? this video also covers how rich is hakainde hichilema, a question many have.
All information was gathered over time from multiple sources with the zambian observer a major source.
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Please watch: “aFriCAn pOLiTicS leAd tO pOverTy and pRoBlEmS”


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