African priest wearing coronavirus face mask suddenly collapses, dies during sermon, video shows

A Cameroon priest was captured on video Sunday collapsing and dying right in the middle of preaching a sermon.

The priest, identified as Rev. Jude, was the spiritual director of Cameroon’s Catholic Men Association.

A video shared on Twitter by Chidi Odinkalu, a lawyer and former chairman of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission, shows Jude delivering a sermon in Douala, a commercial city along the coast of Cameroon.


Jude is seen standing at a podium, wearing a mask as he delivers his sermon before a congregation. His speech gradually slows down before he comes to a long pause. His eyes appear droopy before he sways a bit and then falls back.

Clergymen, who had been sitting behind the podium, rush to his side as an audible gasp is heard from the audience.

“Rev. Fr Jude., CMA, spiritual director of CMA Deido, in Cameroon’s commercial capital, Douala, was preaching the homily at Mass earlier today when this happened. RIP,” Odinkalu wrote.

It was not immediately clear if the priest had prior health conditions.

The priest’s abrupt death prompted shock on social media.

“Life isn’t just short it’s unbelievable,” wrote one user.

“Oh my God! Right at the pulpit while preaching a sermon!?” wrote another user. “May his soul rest in peace and may the Lord he served to grant him eternal rest in his kingdom.”

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