The dream and vision is to give interested individuals or teams the opportunity to play, have fun and win prizes and build more skills.

We hope to give opportunities to normal people who wants to make a difference in their football career and elevate them through this competition.


  • Each team should consist of 5 players, 1 keeper and 4 substitutes
  • Foul play will be taken seriously as yellow card is 500 naira and red card is 1000 naira for any team affected.
  • A player given red card won’t play the next match.
  • location of where to play a match will be sent to the leader of the team.
  • The referee’s decisions is to be obeyed.
  • Fighting on the football field is not accepted.
  • 30 minutes for each half.

prizes To Be Won

  • Winner takes away 300,000 naira cash.
  • Second takes away 200,000 naira cash.
  • Third takes away 150,000 naira cash.
  • Fourth takes away 50,000 naira cash .
  • Fifth gets free registration for next season.
  • 5th to 10th takes away 5000 naira for each team.


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