1. Click on the Menu
2. Open Users Adverts, you will see 'Manage Ad' and 'Register/Post Ad'
3. Click on Register/Post
1. Contact Person Means your Name or company name E.g Ternopilinkling
2. Email Address
3. Phone number should include your country code E.g USA(+1), Nigeria(+234),etc
4. Title Means the subject of your product or skill E.g Nike, Ps4, Barber etc.
5. Category
6. Gallery E.g Pictures, Videos of your skills or Products
7. Descriptions means the meaning of your skills and products Explained
8. Price
9. Location
1. Post an Ad
2.Make sure you provide all your conditions in the Ad,E.g Deposit,Payment methods, Price etc.
3.Use "send a Message" on Ternopilinkling or Email to agree on lending conditions.
4. Make sure you collect contact details and identifying proof of the person you lend.
1. Use "send a Message" on Ternopilinkling or Email to agree on Borrow conditions.
2. Make sure the item is in good condition as Advertised.
3. Take some Photos or Video before borrowing.
4. Return the Item you borrowed on time and in good condition as agreed.
Topics or Replies that are deemed in poor taste, offensive or in violation of published expectations:
1.No abusive or slanderous language is allowed.
2.Professional conduct and communication is expected of you.
3.No sharing offensive or inappropriate material.
4.No spamming.
5.No sharing materials that belong to someone else, unless you have their permission.
6.Disagreements, negative opinions or points of view should not be discouraged, but they should not be personal or disparaging. You want to foster a courteous, respectful and an open environment known as community posting etiquette for all users.

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