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What are the strengths & weaknesses of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergrey Bin, Marrisa Meyer, Dennis Ritchie and Bill Gates?

  • Zuck is likable & very friendly: Great posture in both the physical and philanthropic senses. Very intelligent yet seems down-to-earth and humble. Lacks at classic professionalism in day-to-day dressing but makes up for that with attitude and clean, neat clothing as well as good posture. Did I mention great posture? 🙂
  • Marrissa is super professional... Also down-to-earth. Doesn't seem too proud and has been a pragmatic, hard working asset at Fortune 500 companies for years (Wakes at 4 AM?). Weaknesses seem to include a "my way or the highway" attitude towards employees at Yahoo but maybe they needed it.
  • Steve was great at focusing. Also very direct. He cared about stuff that mattered to the end user without caring as much about popular opinion and that's tough in a "me too" world. Weaknesses included his general lack of tact in business, questionable ethics in his youth etc.
  • Gates is great at focusing on important things. He also cares about really, truly helping the poor instead of just satisfying visible needs to keep people happy. Seems to care A LOT about his family which is great. Weaknesses may include his poorly masked pride.
  • Larry seems laid back yet very, very effective. Also very thoughtful; Seems kind. Weakness may be that he's too laid back early on and sometimes has to make up for lack of input later? Hard to tell cause he's so quiet externally but there is clearly much more to Page than meets the eye.
  • Sergey is charismatic which is great for such a geek. The guy does pretty well at being a little like your average guy without stooping to mediocrity in the innovation department. Weaknesses seem to include a lack of discretion in personal/romantic life but that's his personal stuff, no further comment necessary.
  • Who's Dennis Ritchie? The man was clearly smart, creative and driven... Seemed to have evaded the public eye as far as personal life goes which probably means he either had a great life behind the scenes. That or maybe not much of a life at all, really hard telling.


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