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Who will be remembered for the longest time in history: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Google founders or Steve Jobs?

Other than Jobs, they are all still alive. I think it’s too early to try to debate or predict their legacies. I don’t think any will be remembered for their tech companies/wealth - for too long (a couple generations after their death — other than buildings and streets with their names, and historically). They will be remembered for something else they did, likely philanthropic or similar. Something that hasn’t happened yet. Even if was their foundation that made a discovery (using their wealth), even after their death.

That said, I’d have to guess Musk. He’s also the youngest of the group (at 46). He talks of going to Mars, possibly himself even. If the project he leads does end up being the first humans successfully landing on Mars, I’d have to say that will likely be the “winning” achievement. Especially if it leads to a settlement.

Think about that, essentially a single person credited with leading a project to settle another planet. I think most of us presumed such an effort would be done differently (multi-national collaborative effort, not done in private). They may even rename Mars, who knows. He could start his own country, on his own planet.

And if Earth does become “fucked” sometime in the next 100 years after that achievement, he would be credited with saving humanity. We will never really know when a catastrophe will occur on Earth. Or maybe just how far climate change will affect life, etc. I think that is the least of our worries, super-volcano to a virus to an asteroid or some other natural (likely from space) event.

If any of them lead a project to cure cancer, that would be an interesting vote (cancer vs Mars). I think I’d take cancer (depending on the specifics of the discovery). I know Page (Google) is interested in big data and health, as well as super-computing and medical study, etc. I hope he does well here.

Jobs: no offense, and he did die too early (age 56) - so he was probably “cheated” of what he may have done; but his actual contributions are generally the least interesting/meaningful to me. I don’t think they’ll last the test of time. But who am I to judge?

Bezos: It’s up to him. He’s only 54 now, hopefully has plenty of time. He appears to just be starting his philanthropy journey.

Zuckerberg should have been on the list. I’d say what he has done, or is responsible for - in a way, is more than Jobs already. He compares to Gates (to me) as far as his age, creating/growing a multi-billion dollar company from nothing, etc.

Only time will really tell.

At this exact moment - not all being equal and I know this will change with time, my order is: Gates, Page, Musk, Bezos, Jobs…. all people I think I would have voted for, for US President, etc (Musk not being eligible). All good people, with a vision, intelligent / very intelligent, with leadership abilities.

Shawn Kleinart

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