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Can Google go bankrupt?

There is similar case with Enron Scandal: The Fall of a Wall Street Darling .

There were the various cases that company go bankrupt, these are just a sample who are at level of google at that time. It clearly denied the statement large company can’t go bankrupt.

Now what are the possibility that google can go bankrupt?

Financial breakdown. Google is tech giant company with huge ton of market capital aroound $767b and lots of cash reserve headed with it’s parent company alphabet. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported that it topped $100 billion in annual sales for the first time in Google's 20-year history. It seems it is impossible to banrupt these amount instant without fall on its brand.

Brand value. Google is generating it’s revenue from advertising.

This means this is the most trusted brand in target marketing the world ever had. They made it possible by allowing user to interact with their free tools like Gmail, Drive, Map, Photos, Andriod, Google chrome, Docs. It seems like they are giving us everything for free but they do earn from our click.

Untill people stop believing them in this way and Google never give chance to think alternative, Google is safe.

Competitive rivalry. This is the term use in entrepreneurship. The chances of competition is high in every industry especially in booming tech industry. Though Google had very less chance of threat of new entrants and substitutes and rivalry must work very very hard to break the entrance. This thing may happen in future but may took lot of time and effort making Google to bankruptcy. The average life span of fortune 500 comanies is 20 years.

Ethical issue. This is the fastest and underestimated way to go bankruptcy. we have seen lot of companies shutting down in our history those lacking ethical culture. Google is playing with our data, we all know about it but we still use it beacuse of appreciable benefit we gain from it. when google start misusing our data then google will no more be google. It won’t take time to go bankrupt.

Some of the point here are hypothetical that doesn have any exact quantitative measure but are logical. Google had strong relevancy and high presence in all of these point but the day google stop understanding consumer behavior and tracing them, Google start moving bankrupt hill.


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Amrit Poudel

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