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What is the best bank in UAE?

In one of these answers, a list is provided that names the banks by assets. Having said that, banks in the UAE are pretty good with most of them offering a lot of online services that cater to most of the needs a typical salaried-earner would require. You would have to traditionally pay for these services in other countries.

But it's a bit like food: your favorite dish might be someone else's worst. Anyone I've spoken to in the UAE names the big international ones like HSBC and Citibank as the best while several others disagree would name MashreqBank and EmiratesNBD as the best region’s retail banks. These are just opinions and are driven by each individuals' own experience.

At the end of the day, how smart you are with your money plays a significant factor to your banking experience. I've seen people comment and argue over how rude the collectors would be but fail to mention that the reason they get those calls is because they overspent or that they had, for some odd reason, 6 credit cards. If you can't repay a loan, don't take it, no matter how tempting the offer.

As a resident for a long time in the UAE, the banks have really taken positive steps in the right direction to resolve complaints and improve their processes. Just last week I had an issue and it was resolved, albeit took them a week to do it, but then again, that particular issue was kinda my fault....

Your choice of a bank really depends on the nature of the account and what benefits are important to you as well as your own capability to maintain the financial relationship as the bank requires.

Kunal Bajaj

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