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Architect Ibechile Egwudale Commences Fabrication Of Metals Into Machineries

Nigeria Architect, Ibechile Christopher Egwudale Commence Fabrication Of Metals Into Machineries


Architect Ibechile Christopher Egwudale, the Chief Executive Officer of Mi-Kwenojo Nigeria Limited, shares his experience, challenges and prospects in the fabrication of metals for the manufacturing of different types of machineries, needed to support the operational excellence of his company, and has now commenced commercial sales to potential buyers and users in Nigeria and across Africa.

According to Architect Ibechile Egwudale, his organization commenced the fabrication of machines as a result of the subsisting need, and the heavy cost of importing machines from overseas. He also stated that MI-Kwenojo Nigeria Limited started machine fabrication 5years ago to meet the requirements of the company as they were unable to access loan facilities for continuous importation of machines for their use.

Presently, Architect Ibechile Egwudale through his company, MI-Kwenojo Nigeria Limited is converting metals to different usage which includes the manufacturing of Sabdcrete Mixer, Hydraform Interlock Brick making Machine, Multi Purpose block Making Machine, Laterite Pulverizer, Dune Buggy or Go Kart, Earth Compacting Machine and protective metal gates.

All of these machines are now available for commercial sales, as Mi-Kwenojo is presently in massive manufacturing of quality machineries for interested Nigerians and agencies. From our reviews, the machines manufactured by Mi-Kwenojo Nigeria Limited are of good quality and are said to be durable.

It will be encouraging if government, leaders and investors consider supporting the innovations of Mi-Kwenojo Nigeria Limited, as it will support economic development, through employment, human capital integration, reduced capital flight and also in areas of empowerment of youths.

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