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Nigerian lady shares video of helpless 11-year-old orphan who’s been raped several times cause she has no home or relatives and has been sleeping in the streets

A Nigerian Twitter Stop Rape advocate page has taken to the social networking platform to share the story of an 11-year-old orphan who has been raped severally by her stepfather, and other guys on her street.

The page in a thread narrated the plight of the orphan, who has been sexually molested at a very tender age.

The young lady, captured on camera, is seen narrating how she usually sleeps on the street and is frequently raped by street urchins.

The Twitter page @stop_raping, narrating the little lady’s ordeal wrote,

“this is urgent. Please read the thread and watch this video which was recorded yesterday 10th of August 2020. Precisely around 7 pm. It’s about an eleven-year-old orphan who has no home, no family, she has been raped repeatedly and has been living on the streets,

A passenger (the lady asking questions and making the video) asked her why, then she proceeded to tell whoever cared to listen that She has been raped repeatedly by street thugs, touts, several “molas” and by her step father as well, to the extent that she’s unable to hold pee (urine) for long. She revealed that everyone who raped her said her vagina was too wide for a girl her age. (Probably because she’s an underaged young girl who’s been raped, and taken advantage of repeatedly by men old enough to be her father)

She revealed that she was raped yesterday again by two men in the same Kara area of Mowe. She explained that she had sought help from Police Stations on different occasions where she’s been repeatedly victimised. When asked about her parents,She said she’s an orphan with no relative, her mother is dead and she never met her father. While her stepfather lives in Itori, Ogun State. She’s been sleeping on the streets ever since. When we asked her where she was going to, she said she was headed for Itori.

We asked if she had a place to go to there, she said no, that she would just find anywhere to stay. We decided to take her to the police station in Sango, so that at least she can be helped, she refused, saying the police would not help her, instead they’d arrest her.

We assured her that nothing of such would happen. (She didn’t want to go and she told us to leave her alone) On getting to the police station, while explaining the situation to the officers, one of the female officers slapped the girl twice, then told her to go away.

The Police Officers in Sango could not help this young orphan even after hearing her story. By that time, I had gotten past my bus stop and it was getting really late so I had to go home. This young girl however continued on her journey to God knows where.

(Please note that the Police in Sango Police Station threatened us to delete the video and not post it, that we they’d trace us.) I had to create a burner so as to post this video. All of this happened yesterday 10th of August 2020″.

The page beckoned on well meaning Nigerians to help the girl. Watch the video that was shared below,


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