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Chapter 1

Sandra, Are you leaving me again? you know you can always spend the weekend here, why are you always like this? David asked with a lot of dismay, you know I love you, but it seems like you are just with me because of sex. Sandra looked helplessly at David, she wasn’t at all surprised by his declarations of love, but at the moment it meant little or nothing to her, but still, she felt a need to make him feel better, by telling a little white lie.

David, you know why I am like this, I have been heartbroken before and trust me when I say that it wasn’t fun at all, it took me years to get over it, but just know that I do care about you, and you are more than just a quick lay. Sandra felt bad but she knew she just had to lie, she needed to avoid a potentially messy situation, but she knew whatever she said was working because David had a huge grin on his face, that’s all I ever wanted to hear baby and he pulled her on his chest. God, you looked so cute, especially in just your thong and your bare breast with nipples that are just begging to be touched. Sandra felt herself already reacting to his words, as her nipples were getting erect and she began to feel herself getting wet, she was addicted to sex, and she loved every bit of it, Shut up and kiss me, action speaks louder than words she said with a low groan.

You drive me crazy Sandra, the rest of whatever he wanted to say was muffled as the kissing got more intense, she was already grinding her pussy on his erect dick and she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her hard, slipping her panties off, she inserted two fingers in her pussy and she wasn’t surprised to feel that she was dripping wet, David didn’t make things easy for her, as he began caressing her boobs and sucking on her nipples, Come on David, fuck me already. Oh, baby, I thought you will never say that he pulled off his boxers, flipped her over and began kissing her on her neck,  trailing kisses all over her body till he got to her pussy, she was freshly shorn and he liked that about her, He always imagined her pussy as a pie, that he could never get enough off, God he loved her so much it hurt especially when he knew that he would never have her heart, but for now he will try and be contented with her delectable body, as long as she will have him, David what's wrong? you looked like you were deep in thought for a moment there, I am fine love, just taking a moment to appreciate your goddess body, you have started again oh david with all your compliments she said with a low chuckle, you deserve every bit and more baby. To change the conversation she started playing with his dick until it started growing again in her hands, she couldn’t get over how big he was, part of the reason why she fucked him for so long even though she had other lovers, he will always be her best lover, Ahh she felt his dick poised at her entrance, he slipped his dick in and out, used it to rub her clit, until she begged him to fuck her hard and fast and he was more than happy to comply, driving hard and fast into her, while she moaned in ecstasy. Baby come on let's switch positions, I want to be able to see your boobs jiggle and also play with your nipples.


As you wish baby, it was only in bed that she liked to be dominated, in reality, she was stubborn as a bull, but sex would always be the exception. pushing David to the bed she slowing sat on his dick while whining seductively and riding him slowly at first before fucking him fast, David was in heaven and kept on fondling her boobs and kissing her, then he began to fuck her himself, giving her a chance to catch her breath, while she played with her clit,  she was close to cumming and the way David was thrusting fast and moaning, she knew he was close to cumming too, they always came together, In sex, they were always at sync. Baby, I am cumming, Should I cum in you? or I should cum in your mouth, Cum in my mouth Sandra said breathless, she was very close to cumming and the moment David played with her clit, she came hard, Oh baby, you surely came nicely, suck my dick and I will cum for you, I am painfully close, It will be my pleasure b, the moment he felt her hot breath on his dick, he came hard in her mouth, He was always amazed watching Sandra swallow his cum and lick her lips as if it was the best thing she has ever tasted. Sandra took a minute to catch her breath, then she gave him a huge kiss, got up from the bed, wrapped a towel around her and went to take her bath, She was always like this after sex, cold and distant, If he didn’t just fuck her now, he would think she was another person altogether. Sex made her very expressive, but after sex, she just wanted to be on her own, and get the fuck out of his house. Babe, do you know where my pant is? never mind there it is, besides your leg, her hair was still damp from the shower, Are you sure you can’t stay longer, David you know the drill, I have a lot of things to do today, but today is Saturday he whined, don’t be a big baby, pass me my bra. David couldn’t stop watching her as she removed the towel to expose her boobs, he watched her wear her bra, she always made dressing and undressing a very sexual experience like she was oblivious to the effect she had on him, combing her hair and wearing her white crop top with short leather skirt and heels, she knew she looked badass, taking one last long look at the mirror she could see David staring at her with love in his eyes, she almost puked in her mouth, Love is for the weak she thought, and the sooner he knew that, the better it will be for him.

David, bye, it is always a pleasure seeing you, I will come same time next week, if nothing else comes up, taking the perfume from her bag and spraying it, the whole room suddenly began to smell like flowers, with a quick kiss and a hug, just like that she was gone.

David sat down on his bed for a long time after she had left, and kept on inhaling her sweet fragrance, he knew she was probably going to another guy’s house, his friends had mocked him for years, but his love for her never dimmed, and he kept on having hope that one day, she will be his, but until then he will be contented with the intense sex.