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How are digital paintings made or created

What are the mainstream directions that are recognised
Computer generated painted1 Vote · 20.00%
Raster painting1 Vote · 20.00%
Manual vector painting1 Vote · 20.00%
Mixed media and hybrid painting1 Vote · 20.00%
Digital Photo Art1 Vote · 20.00%
1 Participant

The virtual painting box contains instruments that do not exist outside the computer.

The use of these instruments distinguish a digital from a non-digital painting. Typical characteristics can be traced back to the power of the computer to attach geometrical formulas to lines and shapes.

While it is impossible for a human hand to create exactly identical forms, or to construct a perfect circle or a perfectly straight line, for a computer it is difficult to do anything but this.

Vector painting is exclusively based on this feature. Hybrid vector-raster painting and new photography make some use of it. Raster paining by definition uses no formula-based shapes.

However, digital traits are sometimes present in software-specific brush tips as well as in the common flatness of the physical representation.

Formula-based shapes are easy to recognize by a degree of perfection that is literally inhuman. They bear some resemblance to paper cut-outs or stencil art.
Specific digital traits include:

- Sharp, bold appearance
- Transparency
- Symmetry
- Exact repetition
- Perfect circles, squares and other shapes
- Embossing, shading and other 3D illusion
- Perfectly smooth gradients
- 100% monochrome color planes
- Absence of brushstroke
- Slalom or flip forms
- Effects of automatic transformations (mirror, ripple, swirl, shear, multiply etc.)

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