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Dorathy reveals why she ended her friendship with Lucy

One of the top five housemates in the Big Brother House, Dorathy has revealed why she stopped being friend with evicted housemate, Lucy.

She stated in a conversation with fellow housemate Vee, that she ended her friendship with her one-time bestie when Lucy told Erica and other housemates that they were never friends.

Dorathy further revealed that she never supported Lucy during her fights in the house because she felt Lucy was using the fights to gain unnecessary attention.

She said,

“I felt Lucy was doing too much to get reactions and I don’t like stress. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like having female friends because it’s too stressful.

“I felt she was getting into fights to get attention so I backed off and never supported her but she took offence at that.

“For me, it’s never that deep. Lucy also told Erica twice in front of all housemates that I’m not her friend and that was how our friendship ended for me.”

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