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How to Make Incredibly Tender Air Fryer Chicken


Okay, we'll admit it: The air fryer is more than worth the counter space it takes in a home kitchen. It's quite versatile (here are our favorite air fryer tips for making the most of yours). But besides that, it's also one of the handiest weeknight (read: fast) methods of cooking we've found. Especially if you're not cooking for an army of people, the air fryer's smaller size and high-powered fan means it heats itself up in a jiffy, and heats food up quickly too, often making an entire dinner in the time it would take your typical oven just to get hot.

One place the air fryer really shines? Weeknight proteins. If you find yourself often wondering whether there's a faster way to get air fryer pork chops or chicken on the table a little faster without sacrificing taste, then the air fryer is for you—and the larger versions (like the highly-rated Philips XXL) are perfect for feeding a family of four.






We're big fans of bone-in chicken thighs. The meat is much harder to overcook, because it's less likely to dry out. With just a little prep work, these chicken thighs can go from the fridge to the table in just about 20 minutes. Though you could cook them straight from the package, we like to make sure they're extra tender and flavorful by tossing together a quick marinade in the morning. That lets them soak in flavor all day, so that you can come home, toss them in the air fryer, and have a dinner your whole family will love on the table in no time.


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