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Louisiana Meat Pies


Louisiana Natchitoches Meat Pies are easy as could be and make the perfect potluck dish for any type of gathering, particularly one that includes sports. Prepared Crescent Roll dough make this meat pie recipe quick and simple, but it also lends a wonderful buttery, flaky texture to the meat pies. Young or old, even the pickiest eaters will love Louisiana Meat Pies.

The idea for this savory pie recipe came from a road trip that my husband, Chris, and I took early in our relationship. We drove from Oklahoma City to New Orleans, and en route, made a pitstop in Natchitoches, Louisiana for some of their famous meat pies.


golden brown triangular beef stuffed pastries beside a small metal bowl of white sauce garnished with green herbs

Now, for those of you from Louisiana, I’m not saying this recipe is made to be just like Natchitoches meat pies. The filling is very similar in that it’s simple and all about the meat, but I’ve taken a turn with my dough choice to suit my personal taste and to forego frying. I just had to put this out there, because I know how passionate Louisiana folks are about their food.

One amazing summer of my life was spent in Louisiana. I lived in New Orleans for two months while interning for Ralph Brennan where I worked in the French Quarter. My workday ended by 3 pm every day (god…I miss my twenties), so I spent most of my free time eating and drinking my way through the city. Still to this day, I’m inspired by the flavors of Cajun and creole food.

Louisiana Natchitoches Meat Pies are one such example of how the inspiration of Louisiana foods stays with me to this day.

What is a meat pie?

Meat pies are nothing more than a hand pie filled with meat. I just love a good hand pie…IE a pie that you can easily hold in your hand. Hand pies can be found in both savory and sweet form, and one such savory hand pie is a meat pie. The Brits call them Pasties (not to be confused with the nipple covers).


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