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Music Album: Bryson Tiller – T R A P S O U L (Deluxe)

Artists: Bryson Tiller
Album: T R A P S O U L (Deluxe)
Year: 2020
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


  1. Intro (Difference)
  2. Let Em’ Know
  3. Exchange
  4. For However Long
  5. Don’t
  6. Open Interlude
  7. Ten Nine Fourteen
  8. The Sequence
  9. Rambo
  10. 502 Come Up
  11. Sorry Not Sorry
  12. Been That Way
  13. Overtime
  14. Right My Wrongs
  15. Just Another Interlude
  16. Self Righteous
  17. Rambo (Last Blood) [feat. The Weeked)
  18. Outro (Thank You)


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  • Bryson-Tiller-T-R-A-P-S-O-U-L-Deluxe.jpg

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