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“Nollywood is an industry where people will rather count years than money” – Actress, Yetunde Bakare reveals

Popular Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare has revealed that Nollywood is an industry where people values years of acting than their income.

Yetunde Bakare reveals

According to her, in the Nollywood industry success in measured by the number of locations an actor has been called to and not the income you get from acting.

Yetunde who is apparently not comfortable with the situation of things in the Industry stated that people see naming your price as an insult, adding that she doesn’t want cheap fame.

In a lengthy Instagram post she wrote,

“Welcome to my industry where people will rather count years than count money 😊 you’ll hear I’ve been in the industry for 10 years but please se account e balance ???

“An industry where people who go to location back to back are tagged as being successful for how much exactly!An industry where they see charging as an insult! You’ll hear ‘ is it not that girl of yesterday? Even her seniors can’t ask me for money ? Oh really 😅

“Please I don’t want a cheap fame, a fame with empty account, I don’t have a god father and I can’t twale anybody! I hear y’all saying she’s always commenting all over seems she’s jobless 😅

“In as much as my account balance no reduce and I don’t beg any of you for money please leave me and my commenting 🙏😊”, she added.

Yetunde Bakare reveals

Yetunde Bakare reveals

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