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Twitter Influencer, Motara mocks child beggar with a bottle of drink a day after sharing her inspiring grass to grace story

A viral video has captured the moment a popular Nigerian Twitter influencer, Motara teased a child beggar with a bottle of drink.

In the video, the influencer was driving in traffic when a child beggar approached her, car to beg. In response, Motara asked the little girl if she wants a drink and she answered in an affirmative manner.

Motara who had no intention of giving the little child the drink, but rather, to tease her, placed the mouth of the bottle near the girl’s mouth while her car window was still up.

As cars start moving, the little girl ran after Motara’s car, hoping for the drink, but she continued to use the drink to tease the little girl and ended up laughing at the child before gulping down the drink and driving off.

The social media personality, shared the video from the scene on her whatsapp captioning it, “I’m shitty, I know, I gave her money las las sha”.

Although she claims to have deleted the video almost immediately, but it had already been captured by others on her list.

Someone who screen-recorded the video then shared it on Twitter and her actions have since sparked outrage on the internet.

This is coming after she shared her grass to grace story, thus, making Nigerians call her out over what they termed ‘hypocricy’ and pretence.


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