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Top 10 Nigerian Gospel Singers With Highest Followers On Instagram

Gospel music in Nigeria is growing at a precipitous rate. With global events like Xperience and the likes, Nigerian musicians are gaining world wide popularity and attaining global acclaim in their craft. Most importantly, they are helping to spread the word of God through their music.

Social media has been a vehicle for the promotion of Gospel music, with platforms like YouTube and Instagram being used by the Artistes in sharing their music to their fans and broader society.

The level of followership a person has on Instagram is a reflection of the about of fans and the level of influence a person has, and today I count down the gospel musicians in Nigeria that have the highest followership on Instagram.

I'll admit that I was impressed to see the numbers of followers some of the Artistes on my list have, as they are even more that the ones Slayqueens and other celebrities have. This goes to show that Nigerians still appreciate gospel music.



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