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Alleged 4th baby mama, Larissa named her son ‘Dawson’ meaning ‘Son of David'

Davido alleged 4th mama, Larissa London has revealed that she named her son Dawson Noe, which interestingly means “Son of David”.

Larissa named

In early 2020, there were gossips that the singer was expecting his fourth child with a make-up artist born and raised in Angola, named Larissa Yasmin Lorenco otherwise known as Larissa London.

Larissa gave birth to her son during the pandemic last year, but neither she nor Davido have publicly reacted to the rumour.

In an instagram exchange with a fan recently, she disclosed that her son’s name is “Dawson Noe” , a boy’s name of Welsh origin which means “Son of David”. Coincidence or not???

She also revealed that she gave to him on Mother’s day last year and thanked God that they both made it even though the circumstances wasn’t favourable.

See her IG story below,

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