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old mother-of-4, fights husband after getting pregnant with 5th child for another man

A 16 year-old accused of fighting with her husband who has been taking care of her and her 4 children she had from a previous relationship.

16 year old fights husband

According to reports, the fight ensued after her husband discovered she was cheating on him with another man who got her pregnant with her 5th child.

The husband reported the issue to the community leader which infuriated the young lady and resulted in a major disagreement between the couple.

The video making rounds on social media, the underage girl was seen being flogged by a man believed to be the community leader, while a crowd marched behind them.

Twitter user, @_lademie wrote;

“So, I happened to witness a 16 year old who already has 4 children for another man entirely but the present husband is the one taking Care of the the kids. She got involved with another guy again who got her pregnant, slept at his house over night.

The husband found out and they brought the issue to the community leader. This girl started fighting the husband who has been taking care of 4 kinds that aren’t his for years. This girl is just 16 ffs and she is expecting her 5th child. Scum has no gender

They started beating her she started beating her mom”

Watch the video below,


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