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Is it true that Vladimir Putin brought a Labrador to a meeting with Angela Merkel because she's afraid of dogs?

Putin had the lab for many years. He has another dog as well. Both were given as gifts by other politicians.

He has often appeared to sincerely enjoy animals.

They seem to like him in turn

One of his dogs was a gift from Japan’s government for help the Russian state following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. He was proud of the monster she turned into! And was showing off when Japanese journalists were visiting a few years after. The fiend beast rants and raves, the journalists look slightly perturbed or just bored with having to smile as Putin does his proud father routine….I’d hardly call it obvious intimidation, its more a scene of Putin loving his dog, wanting to show off a little, and kinda say ‘look what I have done with the gift from your people’.

Its borderline surreal to see some of the answers in this thread. You would think that he had strapped Merkel to a chair and left her in darkness in a warehouse full of street dogs…but no…

Much has been made of the labrador appearing during a Merkel visit.

She doesn’t look petrified to me, but who can say eh! The only report of Merkel’s known fear of dogs comes all in connection with how this meeting was twisted into a ‘EVIL PUTIN INTIMIDATES MERKEL!’ KGB INTELLIGENCE USED TO TORTURE GERMAN CHANCELLOR’.

Some, not many, even attributed these quotes to Merkel after the meeting-

“He is afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this.”

Yet I can find no footage of her saying this whatsoever. Perhaps its just completely made up?

Maybe it was a little bit of a wind-up, but he clearly loves his dogs (and other animals) and it could be more of that silly pride, of meet my hound in my home, and look how lovely he is…I am the same with my hound.

What the story, unconfirmed by Merkel, parroted by the western state/corporate media alone, does not demonstrate is some evil intimidation, bullying behaviour nor of Merkel in obvious fear. She looks nonplussed, as she often does when around Putin, yet sometimes I just think its her normal face, as if she got stuck with a stern grimness, the wind changed at the wrong time…


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