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How does one stop earning a living and start creating wealth?

Before you start doing that, you’ll need a massive change of mindset.

I assume that you have been earning a living throughout your corporate life.

That means working for a paycheck is your only source of income. And if you lose that paycheck, you will be in financial trouble.

Which brings us to your first mindset shift: if you keep doing what you are doing, then you’ll always be getting what 95% of the population are getting, and that is a life of financial struggle.

Albert Einstein has this definition of sanity- doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

So if you want to take that first step out of the dreaded rat race and onto the road of financial freedom, you’ve got to go against the crowd and do something different.

Earlier, I mentioned about you having only one source of income. And this brings us to your second mindset shift: creating multiple streams of income.

The average millionaire typically has between 3 to 7 sources of income. They know that they can’t just depend on one, because an economic disaster like the one we are facing right now will wipe them out.

Now, do you think they have to work very hard to generate those income streams?

Of course not. Remember, they only have 24 hours a day like everyone of us.

They simply focus on building assets that can generate passive income for them month after month like clock-work.

Assets like profitable businesses, real estate, dividend stocks and farm lands.

And here’s your final mindset shift: just DO it!

Don’t just sit there and dream about being wealthy. Get off that comfortable couch and do something about it.

Go educate yourself on how to generate more income streams. Robert G Allen’s Multiple Streams Of Income is a good place to start.

Go out there and network with other entrepreneurs who have been there, and done that. Learn from them, and model their successes.

To achieve success in your life, it is not what you know; it is who you know that makes all the difference.

They say your network is your net worth. Couldn’t agree more on that.

I wish you all the best in your wealth creation journey!


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