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How can I earn Ethereum easily?

Unlike earning bitcoins online currently, there are only a few legitimate ways available to earn Ethereum since Ethereum is younger than Bitcoin and yet to reach more people though it is the second most dominant crypto currency. There are sites which have started to pay free Ethereum and we can expect more sites to pay Ethereum for doing online jobs like taking surveys, completing tasks & offers etc. For now, there are only a few ways to earn Ether online. More ways to earn ETH will be updated once they are tested and found authentic.

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Different ways to earn Ether(ETH) online:
1. Ethereum Faucets:
The Ethereum faucets are similar to the Bitcoin faucets. The crypto faucets are the online rewarding sites that dispense a small value of free cryptocurrencies to the visitors.
In the case of Ethereum faucet, the website will give away a small value of Ethereum to its users for free just for visiting their site every few minutes.
To earn Ethereum in the faucets, the user doesn’t have to complete any tasks. The user has to register for an account and visit the page. The user will be then asked to solve the captcha to prove he doesn’t use any automated program to cheat the system. When the user clicks claim after solving the captcha, the Ethereum will be added to his account which can be withdrawn later.
There is a reason for the faucets to pay free Ethereum to the users without making them work. They use the online advertising on the faucet page to cover the reward & hosting expenses. This is the key to success of the cryptocurrency faucets.
Usually, the faucets dispense only a fraction of Ether per visit. So, it is impossible to earn Ether by working on a single faucet. To earn a reasonable amount of ETH, the user must work on multiple faucets at the same time.


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