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What are your best tips for running a successful and converting Facebook ad?

Here are my 2019 tips for the best performing ads.


Seriously, branding campaigns are so insanely underpriced, its crazy not to use it. The problem is most us it wrong. So here is how we do. And considering our Facebook management costs start at $5k, this might be worth listening to.

You campaign MUST contain at least 3 separate campaigns.

  1. Brand Awareness - keep this broad, they key here is reach new people, and do not, for the love of god pitch to this audience, You are pushing value, pure value to this audience.
  2. Consideration - You take all the engagements from the branding campaign and create a considerable audience. You want to increase the value give, but with something like a direction to download something ( DO NOT ASK FOR AN EMAIL!)
  3. Keen- Take the website engagements for the download page and thankyou page and run a strong CTA campaign to them, This is where you get your leads.

So, why does this work?

You are playing how the global companies play, that is why. Do you want to know why they are global? Because this style of marketing is the smartest out there.

You are taking a very wide audience - Just maybe a core interest or income level, you are looking for the very minimum of what defines your audience.

The engagements can be as low as $0.01 cent! that is insane! So for a couple of cents you have someone who now knows about you. You should keep your company in front of them for the 90 days for less than a $1. ( why would anyone NOT do this)

Now you have an audience who has heard of you.

Now you can show how much value you can offer, these engagements can be as low as $0.25 - $2, Yes you have someone on your website taking action for that cost.

This means when you are ready to drive them to a lead, they are as warm as you can get them and you lead costs will be super cheap

The ad creatives for these campaigns are as follows:

Branding = video in an ideal world, very little text.

Consideration = More text, static images

Keen - Static images longer text with a cta multiple CTA

We run this strategy for every client, from e-commerce to services, it works.


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