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Erica will regret turning down laycon” – Nigerian Man writes

A popular twitter user has opined that Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica would eventually regret not giving Laycon, a chance.

According to @volqx__, Erica would be shocked when Laycon comes out and becomes a star.

Erica would be shocked when Laycon comes out and blow asap.. She will regret it when she remember that Laycon once asked him out just like the other girl that regretted it

However other twitter users disagreed with him with the sentiment that Erica is also a star and would not regret anything.

Adetoro wrote ;

Abeg, stop this..it’s not by force… Erica is a beautiful lady who can make her choice…she will also blow and Laycon will too. She won’t regret anything…stop this stupid narrative for Laycon…he no send u.

Pep wrote ;

Erica has shaa suffered in you people’s mouth. This sky that is big enough like this to contain everybody is the one she’ll now regret! Na wa! We knew Erica before the house, we only got to know Laycon is a talent coz of bbn. No one is regretting shiii.

Berverly wrote ;

You’re very stupid. Who said Erica won’t be big too? Stupid men mentality when girls reject them. She should lie to him and date him out of pity abi? Mumu useless man

Joy wrote ;

Ogbeni calm down..say she no gree laycon no mean say she go regret
She has her own money and will definitely do well for herself and get a deserving man she likes