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“I want to drink your menstrual blood with garri” – Nigerian guy tells lady

In a new episode of the bizarre things we see on social media, a Nigerian yogi, Jellybum on Twitter, took to her page to show off her new piercing in a sexy video and a follower of hers, Twitter user, @olami_suasik, told her of the rather weird thing he wanted to do.

According to @olami_suasik, he wants to drink her Jellybum’s menstrual blood with garri — this, he said as he begged her on the social networking platform.

“I want to drink your menstrual blood with garri, please” he wrote as he quoted Jellybum’s tweet.

When the tweet went viral on the platform, he revealed he tweets similar stuff most times when he is hungry.

“I don’t get how this blow up like this, I tweet similar stuff every 3 market days and twice a day if I’m hungry.” he wrote.

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