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Ilashe Beach - One Of The Most Luxurious Beaches In Nigeria

If you have ever wondered where the Lagos Millionaires and Billionaires hangout during the weekend. I present to you Ilashe beach with one of the highest concentration of luxurious beach houses in Lagos.

Ilashe is an island located along the Badagry creek. Since it is an Island, it is only accessible by boat. It is a 20 to 35 minutes drive from either Lekki, Ikoyi or the Lagos Island. Since it is an Island, it is only accessible by water this is where getting a flying boat or luxury boat comes in.

I have always wanted to visit Ilashe but unfortunately I never got an invite for a party happening at Ilashe LOL and then getting a contact has been difficult. Against all odds, I made the trip but the cost wasn't pocket friendly, but as a travel addict I didn't mind.

One amazing thing about Ilashe, it is surrounded by the Lagos lagoon on one side and the atlantic ocean on the other side.

See beautiful pictures below


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