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Man set to breakup with his girlfriend for refusing to wash his buttocks

A man has taken to Instagram to reveal his intention of breaking up with his girlfriend after she refused washing his buttocks.

An anonymous man decided to confide in popular Nigerian relationship expert, Adejoro Olumofin simply known as Joro following a painful experience he had with his girlfriend.

According the story, the man who revealed he loves his girlfriend with all his heart said he washed his girlfriend’s buttocks while they were having shower together.

He however got disappointed and enraged moment he turned his back, asked his girlfriend to reciprocated his act of ‘buttocks cleansing’ and she refused.

The anonymous man feels cheat and thinks his girlfriend is probably washing someone else’s buttocks.

He recounted how his girlfriend’s buttocks smelt terribly but admitted he did it out of love becaise “it kinda turned him on.

He then sought the advice of “Joro Nation” on whether or not to continue with the relationship.

Read his full story below;

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