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Teacher who penned own 'obituary' over coronavirus concerns says 'it's too soon' for school reopenings

A Florida special education teacher who wrote her own obituary and posted it to Facebook described her action on "Bill Hemmer Reports" Friday as a personal protest against reopening schools for in-person instruction.

Whitney Reddick's self-remembrance included the provocative claim that she "succumbed to the ignorance of those in power."

"I want to start by saying, of course, these are my views and [say] nothing about the school, and my leadership team here at the school that I work at is phenomenal," Reddick told host John Roberts.

"I am lucky and because I have this administration [and] staff here [it] does help me take control of any anxiety that I may have, so that I can control them and move on," she added. "But I do believe that pushing from the governor and local leaders [to reopen] -- it’s too soon, too soon."

Action News Jax posted the obituary, which described Reddick as a "loving and devoted teacher, mother, daughter, wife, aunt, and friend to all whose lives she touched ... She left us while alone in isolation and on a ventilator at a Duval County hospital in Jacksonville, Florida."

Readers were asked to send condolences to Governor Ron DeSantis, Mayor Lenny Curry, and finally the Duval County School Board and Superintendent."

"Being in a classroom with children, you know, for 7.33 hours a day is a little different than being with adults in a larger library or cafeteria ..." she said. "And I think it is just really a matter of safety at this point."