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Update On Third Mainland Bridge Repairs (Pictures)

This week on the Third Mainland Bridge Repairs. Removal of Asphalt in preparation for Hydro demolition of Expansion joints. There are 14 expansion joints in total and this is the first being worked on.

Uploaded files:
  • 12086149_img20200808wa0003_jpeg7d15f5a7fc57db2a463df1d60b928250.jpeg
  • 12086148_img20200808wa0001_jpeg73f78169cdf5b9472dc6b27df5663a23.jpeg
  • 12086147_img20200808wa0002_jpege47726acfc5dbb078ffa4d4ffcb07d91.jpeg
  • 12086146_img20200808wa0000_jpegf55250d6db6df4b8ec837306b8b86b2f.jpeg